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题目:Implicature Comprehension in Second Language: Theories and Research Findings
主讲人:北亚利桑那大学Naoko Taguchi 教授
时间:2020-07-07 17:14
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In second language (L2) learning, developing the ability to comprehend non-literal, implied meaning is important as indirect meanings abound in our everyday communication. My presentation focuses on theoretical foundations and empirical findings in L2 comprehension of conversational implicature. I will compare and contrast three theories of pragmatics that explain the mechanisms and processes of implicature comprehension: Grice’s (1975) cooperative principle, Sperber & Wilson’s (1986, 1995) Relevance Theory, and Kecskes’s (2014, 2016) socio-cognitive approach. Although all these theories place the speaker’s intention in the central focus of theoretical assumptions, they differ in their explanations about how the speaker’s intention is understood. Under each theoretical paradigm, I will present my empirical research on L2 comprehension of implicature, sarcasm, and intercultural communication. I will discuss whether empirical findings lend support to the theoretical paradigms, as well as what consistencies and inconsistencies have emerged in the literature. I will conclude my talk with directions for future research.


        Naoko Taguchi,北亚利桑那大学英语系教授,主要讲授应用语言学课程。她的主要研究领域包括语用学、跨文化能力、技术辅助学习以及英语教育教学研究。她近期出版著作包括:The Routledge Handbook of SLA and Pragmatics (Routledge, 2019), Second Language Pragmatics: From Theory to Research (with Jonathan Culpeper and Alison Mackey; Routledge, 2018), Second Language Pragmatics (with Carsten Roever; Oxford University Press, 2017), Developing Interactional Competence in a Japanese Study Abroad Context (2015, Multilingual Matters)。目前,Naoko Taguchi 教授的研究项目包括将虚拟现实技术应用二语语用学研究以及国际化大学跨文化-语用能力评估。

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